Requirements for Heaven



This is eternity’s most important, life changing question.  This question has many different wordings. 

Heaven is where our Holy God abides in perfect Holiness and where a soul (or person) with retained sin cannot and will not enter! 

God has provided the Bible for everyone to know about and receive God’s only “everlasting soul cleansing process” for sin removal. There is only one acceptable soul cleansing process, but like the question, there are many ways to explain it. This enables every person to understand how to go to heaven.  All correct answers will cover the following facts (God’s plan for salvation): 

  1. Everyone sins and is a sinner. (Romans 3:23)
  2. Sin causes spiritual death and separates us from our holy God. (Romans 6:23a)
  3. God provided a free gift, Jesus Christ, and He is the only person who can provide this instantaneous, life changing, everlasting, soul cleansing, process to restore your soul for eternal life. (Romans 6:23b, John 3:16)
  4. Every person who enters heaven must realize his inability to cleanse his own soul and must sincerely pray for God’s free gift, paid by Jesus Christ, to cleanse his heart for eternal life in heaven. (Romans 10:10-13) 

That is it … nothing more, nothing less!  

Please Note:

  1. It is your responsibility to ask for God’s forgiveness and to accept the free gift that Jesus Christ paid for by his willing death on the cross. If you reject this gift, you reject the only way to enter heaven. (John 14:6) 
  2. Religion, giving money, church membership, doing good deeds … do nothing for your acceptance into heaven.  It is only accepting the free gift, paid by Jesus Christ on the cross, which makes you clean from every sin. Once this forgiveness starts (the instant you ask) it cannot and will not stop until all past, present and future sins are washed away and you are in heaven!  (1John 1:9)
  3. Pray now and have your eternal relationship settled.      

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