The Proof



The pure statistical evidence from a few messianic and historical prophecies, archeology and scientific facts, Jesus’ resurrection, miracles, and contemporary facts easily proves God authored the Bible. It would be well known if a credible fact exists that negates any part of Bible.

Messianic Prophecies: Theologians documented 456 prophecies in the Old Testament (OT) which were specifically fulfilled by the birth, life and death of Jesus. These prophecies span 1500 years and predate Jesus by more than 400 years. The Dead Sea Scrolls (dated 300BC to 100BC) discovered in 1947 prove today’s OT text is identical to those predating Jesus by generations. 365 OT messianic prophecies are listed at

Historical Prophecies: Biblical scholars have tabulated thousands of historical prophecies that were precisely fulfilled. These include the rise and fall of nations and empires, outcome of battles, destruction of cities, when and how individuals would die, and many others. As prophesied, the cities of Tyre and Sidon were desolated and never rebuilt. Archeologists and historians have verified hundreds of these prophecies. Both  and are good references 


There are over 27,000 sites discovered, with warehouses and museums full of Old artifacts and none negate facts in the Bible. The Exodus account of the Red Sea Crossing and drowning of Pharaoh’s army is fully documented Many other sites have been discovered such as Mt Sinai, the Golden Calf altar and Rock at Horeb, The Cyrus Cylinder, Elba Tablets, Gedaliah Seal, Lachish Letters, Mari Tablets, Moabite Stone, Rosetta Stone are but a small sample of external literary evidence to authenticate Bible facts and history. An excellent site is   

Scientific Facts:

 The following site (one of many) documents dozens of unique facts that were not discovered by ‘modern science’ until centuries later. Who provided this OT knowledge concerning oceanography, medical practices, infectiousness, hygiene, cures, dietary fat intake, 8th day circumcision coincident with peak blood-clot rate for humans, immunology, physics, celestial laws, earth’s global shape, meteorology and its rotation? 


  Over forty miracles were preformed in public to validate the claims made by Jesus. He restored the dead, fed thousands from a few morsels, cleansed people of diseases and demons, restored sight to blind, and healed. Yet, not a single eye witness ever denied the facts. Even the Rabbinical priests acknowledge these miracles in their Talmud but attributed the power to demons and sorcery.  To study scores of other miracles, visit   


 All disciples, except John, disbanded, fled and hid as Jesus died on the cross. However, after they were visited by the risen Jesus they became emboldened, banded together and organized the new believers. They refused to alter their resurrection witness even as an option to imprisonment or execution. Yet, hundreds were martyred for their belief that Jesus rose from the dead. Over 500 eyewitnesses saw the resurrected Jesus. Thousands of Jews became followers within weeks and they changed their worship day to resurrection Sunday. They no longer limited Him to a Rabbi or teacher but worshipped Jesus as God. The New Testament letters were written while resurrection witnesses were still alive and could be questioned. Still, no secular historians ever disproved the resurrection. Historian, Flavius Josephus (ca. 37-97A.D.) wrote in “Intiquities” “He appeared to them alive on the third day, as the divine prophets had foretold these and ten thousand other things concerning  Him" &  

Contemporary Facts

 “The Bethlehem Star” DVD documents the celestial activity at the conception, birth, magi visitation and death of Jesus Christ precisely as predicted in the Bible. Contemporary prophecies being fulfilled include the preservation of Israel in spite of its tiny size and population; the obvious alignment for a One World system; and laws defining what God considers right as being wrong and wrong as right.  


 Mathematicians confirm Borel’s ‘Law of Chance’ to be true. It states “odds beyond 1 in 10^50 (a number followed by 50 digits) have a zero probability of ever happening”. To be more conservative, we consider a premise is proven true when “the statistical evidence produces odds so large it cannot be reasonably visualized and expressed in measureable terms”. An example is the ratio of the Universe’s mass divided by a Quark’s mass (smallest particle known to scientist).  This ratio is a number less than 91 digits in length.  

 With a 50 - 50 chance of each prophecy being fulfilled, the chance of the 365 Messianic prophecies being fulfilled is a 110 digit number (7.515x10^109). This exceeds a billion-billion times the number defined by mass ratio between the universe and the quark.If every fact discussed on this page (ignoring the untold others within the Bible) were assigned a realistic probability value, the mathematical results would be absolutely unfathomable and incomprehensible to express in measureable terms. Add to this the perfection and harmony with inerrant and fulfilled historical, societal and messianic prophecy, along with the scientific knowledge, wisdom, and beauty from more than forty independent and diverse authors over a 1500 year period proves the authorship of this Bible is impossible for mankind to achieve without supernatural intervention.  

Hence, we can confidently state:The Biblical text was inspired (authored) and preserved by God Himself (albeit scribed by man). Since God authored the Bible it has His authority, thereforeBiblical authority on any subject exceeds any other document or reasoning.