The Star of Bethlehem

Scholars debate whether the Star of Bethlehem is a fable or a miracle marking the advent of Christ. Is it possible that the star was a real? This presentation explores the exciting truth of scripture and reveals the evidence for God's existence as seen in the stars above. Presenter Rick Larson walks you through Biblical and historical clues revealing the significance of this celestial event and the vastness of God's creativity. Discover the secret of the Star - a secret of magnificent beauty. 

Consideer this....

Before you read this entry please ponder this with me.

Who set the stars in motion before ancient eternity?

My Christmas gift was a DVD of Larson’s ‘The Bethlehem Star’.

I’ve studied God as our Creator, but this proof is the best by far. 

As the atheists and agnostics try to explain the celestial sky,

the DVD reveals it’s our Creator and His reason why.  

Larson started his journey when he could not reconcile,

a ‘stopped star in the sky’ cannot be … even for a little while.  

The conflict was celestial bodies from earth’s rotating view

has every star in constant motion and that is nothing new.  

Lawyer Larson knew by faith Bible scriptures are always true.

To understand such a conflict, he was trained in what to do.  

Buying astronomy ‘Starry Night’ software and a telescope for a fee,

gave him almost the same power as the NASA space agency.  

Now pick time and direction from any point or location that may be,

the ‘Starry Night’ program displays what the finest telescopes can see.   

Meticulously researching possible stationary star dates to explore,

he uncovered Herod’s assumed death was in “one” BC not “four”.  

Wise men watching for the Messiah-king, all descendants of Daniel’s captivity,

made Babylon the viewing point for the stars that we should see.  

Equipped with a start date and a point from which to view,

Larson searched the Bethlehem sky for the smallest little clue.  

During September, 3BC of Rosh ha-Shanah, a Jewish new era or new year,

king planet Jupiter was performing a miracle no one could hear.  

Jupiter had a close conjunction with a star named Regulus or Rex,

quickly returning to draw a crown with two more conjunctions next.  

A singular conjunction occurring every twenty years it may be,

but a triple conjunction in constellation Leo history never saw before or again will see.  

As the Biblical Messiah would come from Judah’s (lion) loins was written of old,

this Jupiter-Rex crown in Leo the Bible’s prophecy did truly unfold.  

Revelations 12:1... a woman in the sun and moon under her feet

was pregnant with a man child … makes the following verse so sweet.

For behind the sun, the ‘Starry Night’ program did show

a new moon (new life) at the foot of the virgin’s constellation “Virgo”.  

But searched as he could still no stationary star in the sky

‘not for Christ’s conception date’ God had a reason why.  

So fast forward nine months for a birth in June two years BC

as a singular historical starry event the Orient wise men would see.  

The kingly planet Juniper leaves Rex’s miraculous crowning afar

histories closest conjunction with Venus now appears as only one star.  

King and mother planets heavenly aligned never a brighter star

in the sky heralds Christ’s birth so joyously, no stationary star …

God knew why.  The September and June events for Jewish wise men were so real.

Going to Jerusalem to find a new king they traveled with great zeal.  

But King Herod knew nothing, and a new Jerusalem king was just not so. 

Consulting Micah’s scriptures revealed to Bethlehem they must go.  

But before leaving they studied the stars and the brightest in the sky,

there king planet Jupiter hovered in the south over Bethlehem nearby.  

Now Jesus was seven months old on December 25 of 2 BC

and the stationary star of Bethlehem, each of these the wise men did see.  

The ‘Starry Night’ program with Jupiter’s orbit apex in view

confirms Jupiter appeared motionless for days not just one or two.

The gift giving stories appear true as many of us have read,

but the bright shining king star-planet really was south of overhead.  

So, did God’s starry sky miracles end at this historical event?

No, not until His Son dies near the end of a future Lent.   

On April Third of 33 AD Jesus Christ died for our every sin.

God’s plans revealed in the starry sky showed it was no surprise for Him.

Starting with the full red moon at the foot of constellation Virgo,

signified a full life of Mary’s virgin baby born some thirty-four years ago.  

The Bible states the blood red moon was a factual and emotional sight.

‘Starry Night’ confirms earth did block all but the sun’s red refracted light.  

Celestial bodies revealing what plans only God knew,

as Jerusalem’s temple trembled and its veil was torn in two.

A lunar view of constellation paschal aligns its heart with earth and sun.

The view is of paschal (or God’s Lamb) and earth crucifying God’s only Son.

Historian Trallianus’ writings of great trembling in Greece miles away

recorded the times, darkness and panic during the 202nd Olympiad that day.  

So, you can believe all those theories causing the earth, stars and the sun,

but miraculous celestial clockwork proves it was God, His Spirit and Jesus His Son!  

If understanding the above was difficult Rick Larson’s presentation you must see.

Just purchase "The Star Of Bethlehem” And share it with family.